Are you OnTrac to Weight Wellness?

shutterstock_22944526The OnTrac Weight Wellness program provides training and education in sessions about the emotional, behavioral and stress responses that occur during the shift to weight wellness from the Standard American Diet (SAD). The program is designed for anyone who desires weight wellness balance and improved skills for managing its stressors. OnTrac Weight Wellness is not a quick fix or unsustainable fad diet for temporary weight loss. OnTrac Weight Wellness addresses the root cause of imbalance that ultimately creates additional damage to health and rebound weight gain.

To be OnTrac is to learn new ways of thinking about pure whole food and ourselves. It’s about enjoying and loving pure whole food as a way to improve out health and weight wellness in the long term by reaching the full potential of our emotional; and physical well being. Are you OnTrac? You can be!

Classes are led by Lauren Griffin M.A., LMHC, Certified HeartMath Practitioner. Lauren has lost 58 pounds and counting following Dr. Rusty Gaffney’s “NO GRAIN” eating plan. Dr. Rusty Gaffney will help you understand the “NO GRAIN” meal plans and explain the modern misconception about nutrition and give personal nutritional advice as well.

Reserve your spot now for the next program beginning January 16, 2014 from 6:30-8 p.m. The $125 program includes seven sessions, handouts and delicious snacks.