Acuset Testimonial

Rusty is a God sent miracle worker with her needles and Acuset! I came to Rusty with my immune system completely destroying itself. I couldn’t eat anything without having an allergic reaction that got so bad that I didn’t have to eat to have a reaction – just a small smell of anything would set off a reaction. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t be around anything, anyone, and couldn’t go anywhere. I was living on water only.

My husband didn’t know what to think. At first he thought I didn’t want to go anywhere with him. Then when experiencing a reaction to food, he thought I was going crazy. When noticing a reaction to nothing at all; just a smell of what? He just didn’t know what to think. When sitting in the house and having a reaction, he utterly could not believe it. He would just look at me and say “now what?”
My reaction would start as redness in my face, going down my neck and chest, across my knuckles, up my arms, and down my legs, and would feel like a million fire ants eating me up. Some things would my voice away and I couldn’t talk, almost couldn’t breathe. It was scary and getting worse each time.

I have all kinds of allergies, therefore to homeopathy and homeopathic remedies, which have saved my live many times. I take Apis 30c at first signs of allergic reactions and keep Benadryl close by just in case. I am even allergic to the Epi-pen which is a lifesaver for most people with bad allergic reactions.

I had a Natural Awakenings magazine lying around and just happened to sit down on day and read it. I came across Rusty’s advertisement and called her office. I asked so many questions about everything! I was assured Rusty could help me by using acupuncture and Acuset.

At my first appointment the testing that was done showed allergies and reactions to absolutely everything! No surprise to me. I already knew that I was in bad shape.

Within my first three treatments, I could eat again! I got to the point to where I could eat foods that I had not been able to eat for years! I haven’t had any allergic reactions since. Some things still bother me, mostly perfumes, but I don’t turn red with fire ants biting me anymore.
During my acupuncture treatments I see the most beautiful healing colors that move around and soothe my body. My eyes have changed to a lower prescription by considerable degrees. I had to buy new glasses. The eye doctor said he has seen acupuncture work this way several times.
At my first appointment, my tongue was hard and “small.” I couldn’t stick it out past my lips. After several treatments, I noticed that it “loosened up.” I could actually stick it out again. It was soft again also.

I am a stage 4 rectal cancer survivor and developed a lot of auto-immune problems, which were getting worse all the time. I believe I would have died without Rusty’s treatments. I tell people all the time about how my life has changed for the better with my treatment.

I was under a lot of stress with a 5-year granddaughter who has acute lymphoblastic leukemia and other family members having life changing problems. Stress is a killer! Rusty’s needles calmed all the stress. It was almost unreal how calming and relaxing they make me.
Rusty has saved my life. Thank God for leading her to me. My tests that were done after eight weeks showed a huge difference. I advise people to have here treatments done; they work! Her staff is exceptional also. They are extremely helpful, kind and caring. And I love the rocking chairs she has in her waiting room! The only doctor’s office with such a relaxing atmosphere even before you get to see the doc!
Thank you so much! God Bless!

Respectfully, Betty Jean Hicks, November 20, 2009