Can acupuncture help anxiety?

Can acupuncture help anxiety?b742f1e6-5bdb-4c95-9081-821dc13b3e26

Yes, it can and quickly in most cases. Anxiety works with the Heart Meridian, and summer is the season for that Meridian. It usually does not take a lot of treatments, most patients are seen four to six times over four-week period.

meditationMeditation is very helpful. We will have a class on Saturday, July 18, to explain how to quiet your mind. Email to join the class!

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Good sleep helps anxiety, too. We all need 7-9 hours a night. How many do you get? Most people don’t get that many for numerous reasons. Acupuncture can help with sleep problems, too. Eat six small meals a day — meals high in protein and very low in sugar and carbs and grains.

I also recommend EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique – instructions available free of charge at Another website is These techniques use Acupuncture points to relax you. They can be used for pain, insomnia and stressful feeling also. You can learn them in minutes. We have used them for 15 years now and highly recommend them